Outlook Error: There Are No Things Show in This View

Outlook Error: There Are No Things Show in This View

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For better or worse I'm using Perspective 2007 (for now) to handle all my e-mails both for company along with. In general it performs really well, right? I've got roughly a dozen different e-mail options all dumping into Perspective with a ton of rules set up to keep everything organized. The search function is very excellent and generally I can select a concept pretty easily. We use an Return Server at any office which allows for super fast syncing with my Droid Eris and keeps everything in purchase.

The problem comes when something goes wrong with Perspective. It seems that once there is a problem it's almost instantly catastrophic in nature. In my experience it either performs perfectly or totally crashes with no in-between stage. For example recently I'm operating away grinding through e-mails and suddenly I look up and instead of seeing e-mails in the inbox there is this concept...

"There are no products to show in this view"

...which was totally not the situation. There were hundreds of e-mails in there just a second ago...where did they go? Technology is fantastic, as they say, until it fights. Worst aspect was, of course, I was under a moment crunch to get a contract out that was, of course, an connection to a concept that was in the Mail box. It makes you feel like a fool when you need to used the dreaded excuse, "I'm having a problem with my Perspective."

After extensive Googling I was only more confused and frustrated. After toying briefly with the idea of sacrificing an active chicken and calling for a Young Priest and an Old Priest I was able to get a (much smarter) friend on the cellphone. She had the fix. It's a powerful remedy that worked for me in this situation and I've used it twice since then with excellent results. I won't pretend to understand what this does or why it performs but maybe it will help you out. I do not know what horrible issues this can cause so use this with caution. Keep in mind I'm operating with an Return server and all my e-mails showed returning up after this little exercise.

Apparently the above problem was caused by a mistake in the "outlook.ost" declare Perspective 2007. The fix for this was to discover that information file, rename it, near and then restart Perspective. When Perspective restarts and does not look for the outlook.ost information file it will build a new one which, hopefully, solves the problem. Once it's returning up all your email showed returning up like magic.

On Microsoft windows seven the information file is located at C:UsersownerDocumentsOutlookoutlook.ost. If you can think it is go to your start selection and look for ".ost" and it should pop up for you. As suggested rather than merely deleting the information file I renamed the information file from "outlook.ost" to "outlook06102010.ost" with the numbers standing for the time frame I did the renaming of the information file. This way you keep a duplicate of that information file in situation something goes totally wrong and you need to call in a pro.

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