Since the thin atmosphere of Mars won’t be

Since the thin atmosphere of Mars won’t be

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WINDHOEK. Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese student art troupe from the Chinese Confucius Institute Headquarters staged a colorful art performance on Tuesday evening in Namibia's capital Cheap Washington Capitals Jerseys , Windhoek.

The performances staged at the SKW sports field, were presented by a troupe comprised of students from China's Nanjing Tech University.

The art tour was part of the celebrations of the Sino-Namibia relationship celebrations as well as the second annual Global Confucius Institutes Day. Confucius Institute is an education and cultural exchange organization in all parts of the world to promote Chinese language teaching and culture.

The well-attended event was organized by the Confucius Institute at the University of Namibia (UNAM) and was witnessed by high ranking government officials including the Chinese Ambassador to Namibia Xin Shunkang and Professor Lazarus Hangula, Vice Chancellor of UNAM as well as members of the diplomatic corps.

The troupe had the opportunity to showcase their different dances that included the lively and electric Cheap Vancouver Canucks Jerseys , Dragon dance, Tai-chi (a kind of Chinese martial art) and various other musical performances, with fruitful sounds from the Gu-Zheng.

During the event students from different institutions in Namibia had the opportunity to perform alongside the troupe demonstrating what they had learned during the troupe's visit.

Xin said that the troupe's visit marked yet another event in the cultural exchange and that the foundation and future of the friendship between Namibia and China has been strengthened.

Meanwhile Cheap Tampa Bay Lightning Jerseys , as part of the evening festivities, awards were handed over to students who had excelled in grasping Chinese culture. Earlier in the year Namibia had launched the Huawei Camp Awards, a Chinese knowledge based competition across all the campuses in Namibia and those who were outstanding received prizes that were sponsored by Huawei.

Currently the UNAM which was established two years ago has four teaching sites and more are set to be opened next year. There are about 37 Confucius institutes in Africa and more than 490 institutes worldwide.

For the first time in history Cheap St. Louis Blues Jerseys , human exploration of Mars has been declared of NASA’s official goal. President Trump even signed a bill to increase the space agency’s spending budget to $19.5 billion for a 12 month period starting October 1, 2017. For years, NASA inspired millions to imagine a better future on planet worth and civilizations in distant worlds Wholesale Jerseys China , and it might just be time to work on making that dream a reality.

Colonizing Space

NASA hopes to send people to Mars by the 2030s as it continues to work with private companies to come up with new technologies that can help with this goal. The Elon Musk owned SpaceX has plans of its own to get to the red planet, and his company is planning to send an unmanned spaceship to Mars as early as 2018.

Can it be Done?

One of the biggest hindrances to the Mars program has been the issue of radiation. Present day radiation shielding materials aren’t capable of securing a trip to Mars. Moreover, the entire spacecraft needs to be built with materials that can protect the body from the effects of radiation as exposure could cause cancer Wholesale Hockey Jerseys , and even death.

Let’s take the example of earth. It would take several meters of thick concrete or lead to keep the body safe from a nuclear disaster. And having to fall back on lead, one of the most dangerous metals that the human body can be exposed to, is saying something. It’s pretty much the same in deep space.

Since the thin atmosphere of Mars won’t be able to offer protection to people who live there Wholesale NHL Jerseys , offering lead free shielding and radiation shielding materials is one of the most critical aspects of colonizing space.

Working on a Solution

Experts have been working on several radiation shielding methods to protect astronauts in deep space. One of the proposed solutions is to wear the AstroRad Radiation Shield, a vest designed to offer the best possible radiation protection in deep space or in the event of a nuclear disaster. The vest protects vital human tissue and stem cells from radiation and might get its first test in 2018 when the Orian spacecraft makes its test journey to the moon.

Based on simulations, it is expected that the vest shall offer the same protection as a “shielded safe room” in the Orion. The vest has many small cells that are grouped together so that the device resembles a honeycomb. It is also known to be incredibly lightweight and flexible.

Other Proposals

NASA has also been exploring other radiation shielding material concepts. One idea proposes to build a storm shelter inside the floor of the Orion spacecraft. Astronauts can hide in this shelter in the event of a solar flare Wholesale Jerseys , sudden bursts of energy from the sun’s surface. The agency is also working on drugs to work like antioxidants and fight the effects of radiation. The medicine could even work in reversing effects of radiation exposure from flares.

Finding the right radiation shielding materials might take some time and research, but Mission Mars now looks like a future reality, not a distant dream.
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Factors causing insomnia:

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