UFC's Dana White on Alcoholic Dad, Donald Trump, the Mob, Jo

UFC's Dana White on Alcoholic Dad, Donald Trump, the Mob, Jo

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Let the shoes speak! Concave launches new soccer shoe set - shoes - soccer shoes soccer equipment portal _ENJOYZ football equipment network
2017 Australian brand Concave will continue to force into the new year after they followed the black trend to release a new color soccer shoe suit, which new shoes Aura + jnike air max 2015 dames replacement before the Quantum + football shoes first appeared! 2017 seems to continue to take the small black shoes of the wind, Adidas the latest checkered to black color, Concave latest color suit also presents a black appearance, do we have to return to the football world of the last century Black and white In the three new football launched by Concave, both Volt + and Halo + have improved upgrades. To the speed of the Volt + soccer shoes in the Rouran's ultra-fine upper to add a new 3D texture, effectively enhance the shoes in the high-speed movement of the ball performance; vamp Concave fame 'PowerStrike' technology shot dessert area Was redesigned, playing strength again; Pebax outsole and no improvement, retained the previous excellent performance. Concord Halo + also has a new look, now Halo + can make you more handy domination shot. 2017 Concave Volt + in the upper made a new improvement by the ultra-fiber and breathable mesh stitching man-made material uppers to the players more flexible and comfortable wearing feelings, forefoot superfilm upper to increase the rubber material friction texture , Let us think of the old falcon and Nitrocharge football shoes, when the auxiliary effect is obvious, more accurate and powerful. The shooting dessert area is also modified to maximize its effectiveness. And the second half of 2016 Halo + soccer shoes the same, 2017 Concave Halo + also used the Volt + Pebax nike air max 2016 heren goedkoop material outsole. At the same time, the new release Halo + will also be available for natural leather vamps. Concave in this release for everyone to bring a new shoe Aura + football shoes. The new Concave Aura + is actually a controlled shoe Quantum + upgrade, continue to emphasize touch and control as the goal. Shoes with calfskin made of upper, and with lightweight Pebax outsole, in the traditional touch and modern lightweight to find a balance between the players to meet the special 'hobby' and the new shoes black and white color is also a traditional aesthetic In addition to highlight the modern personality. At present, Concave 2017 three boots have been shelves PDS, like a small partner can try bold! ENJOYZ welcome content on the cooperation, reproduced in advance to obtain the consent of my station, and indicate the source. Rhitheric calling rounds.itherither ...... Avtferences to calling composition composition compositions.
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