Converse Chuck 70 Sale

Converse Chuck 70 Sale

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Plus, Chucks are a huge part of our nation’s style Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sale. You’ll see Ellen DeGeneres rocking a pair on her show one day and Beyonce wearing hers to explore New York City the next. Stepping out in your own favorite pair makes you part of an iconic tradition that includes these people, not to mention many more.

Many a collaborative Converse Chuck 70 Sale has had its moment in the spotlight during fashion weeks in 2018. With UNDERCOVER unveiling the React Element 87 and showing off their alternate take on the Nike Tailwind earlier this year, Comme Des Garcons sending bejeweled Nike Shox down the runway, and Virgil Abloh using a recent Off-White show in Paris to debut new Zoom Fly SPs and Zoom Vaporfly Elites, the gap between the streets and the runways has essentially been rendered nonexistent. The latest designer to send special sneakers down the runway? Feng Chen Wang, who kicked off Shanghai Fashion Week with her “My Half” show that heavily featured the Converse Chuck Taylor.

World renowned tattoo artist Dr. Converse Jack Purcell Sale is one of the top purveyors of Converse’s expansive catalogue, as his previous collaboration highlighted his unmatched attention to detail and the diverse adaptability of the canvas-ridden Converse line. Set to team up again, their latest collaborative capsule of four shoes – two for adults and two for children – includes two Chuck Taylor 1970s that drastically change as you wear them.
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