wood flooring enterprise group

wood flooring enterprise group

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<p>Ltd. announced that the two sides jointly invested US$17.6 million to build an annual output of 3 million square meters of parquet in Kunshan,<a href="http://www.wpcfloorings.com/blog/wpc-wall-panels-make-the-building-look-simple-and-natural.html">WPC Wall Panels Make The Building Look Simple And Natural,The best outdoor wall decoration materials</a> Jiangsu. Production base.It is reported that this is currently the largest wood flooring joint venture project in China. According to Yan Xuebin,[url=http://www.wpcfloorings.com/projects/project-in-uk.html">Project In UK-Seven Trust[/url] president of Guangdong Yingbin Nature Wood Co., Ltd., after more than a year of negotiations, the two sides finally reached this cooperation.According to </p>
<p>the agreement, the two parties will form a joint venture company,<a href="http://www.wpcfloorings.com/knowledge/beautiful-villa-fence.html">Beautiful villa fence - cheap villa fence wholesale UK</a> Yingbin Wood (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., which holds 50% of the shares respectively. "The core content of the agreement is to build a 120-mu production base, which is expected to be operational in the second quarter of this year.In addition,[url=http://www.wpcfloorings.com/gallery.html">Gallery-Seven Trust[/url] the cooperation also includes a shared sales network, solid wood composite flooring produced by the joint venture company, which is sold </p>
<p>under the natural brand in China using our network,<a href="http://www.wpcfloorings.com/blog/cheap-wpc-pergola.html">WPC Pergola worthy of selection - Cheap environmentally friendly WPC Pergola</a> and sold under the ARMSTRONG brand in North America and Europe. ”Yan Xuebin said that the two sides are exploring the possibility of creating a joint venture brand. Armstrong is the largest flooring operator in the United States,[url=http://www.wpcfloorings.com/blog/low-cost-boat-flooring-material.html">Low Cost Boat Flooring Material - Synthetic Teak Boat Flooring Supply[/url] with three flooring brands including ARMSTRONG.According to an expert from the Flooring Professional Committee of the China National Forest </p>
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