hat it does not prevent most men from pleasura

hat it does not prevent most men from pleasura

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Taking proper care of male organ skin is a vital component of good manhood care, and it has the added benefit of making the member look especially impressive and imposing when presented to a partner. But even men who spend a considerable amount of time tending to their male organ skin may have questions about it. Here are some common concerns.

Why is it so thin?

As any man who has spent even a little time with his manhood realizes, the layer of skin on the shaft is considerably thinner than on other parts of the body. This is especially so when the member is tumescent and the skin stretched tight. Veins are quite visible at that time. When the member is flaccid Cheap Kenley Jansen Jersey , the skin may “bunch up” a little more, but it still is relatively thin.

Basically, the thinness of the skin is due to the need for keener sensitivity in the member. With less dermal layers in the way Cheap Sergio Romo Jersey , nerve endings are closer to the top and therefore more receptive to touch. It is this receptivity that accounts for the intensely pleasurably feelings that come when the manhood is touched and stimulated.

Are men with prepuce less sensitive then?

A cut man may assume that an intact man will have less sensation in the manhood because of the “double layer” of skin he possesses, but that is not necessarily true. The prepuce is also loaded with nerve endings, so even when the member is covered with the prepuce Cheap Brandon McCarthy Jersey , there is a great deal of pleasurable sensation easily and readily available. Some men also argue that the presence of the prepuce helps to protect the manhood from potential nerve damage, which can occur from trauma or rough sensual activity.

It is an age-old debate as to who receives more pleasure from male organ stimulation, an intact man or a cut one. Measuring a concept such as “pleasure” is difficult Cheap Cody Bellinger Jersey , although some studies using devices to record symptoms associated with pleasure have indicated no difference between the two groups. If there is indeed a difference, it seems that it does not prevent most men from pleasurable sensual lives, whatever their prepuce status.

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