three-dimensional sense

three-dimensional sense

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Intrinsic heavy There are various cabinet door types, and different types of cabinet panels have their own advantages. The panel quality of cabinets will directly affect the future use. A cabinet would have to use less than three or five years. The quality is not good, and it is often tinkered. Therefore, when choosing a cabinet panel, in addition to selecting the style according to the style of the house and its own preferences, it is better to choose a trustworthy brand and a good quality panel. UV plate: The surface of the high-quality UV plate should be smooth like a mirror without wavy deformation. Followed by the product's gloss and fullness. UV paint should be full and the surface gloss should be high. Third, the real high-quality UV board is extremely difficult to scratch. The poor quality of the UV board can not reach this point, the ability to withstand high temperature burning is also poor. The real high-quality UV board uses UV lacquer, so it has no common paint odor. Melamine board: When it comes to picking, it depends mainly on whether or not the affixed edge is firm and firm. Fire board: the pattern is clear and thorough, the effect is realistic, and the three-dimensional sense is strong; there is no color difference; the surface is smooth and wear-resistant. Painted door panel series: When you choose, you should see whether the paint is even and whether the border is out. Membrane pressure plate: When choosing, pay attention to whether the film is even and there are no bubbles.
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