Oklahoma City’s season is done.

Oklahoma City’s season is done.

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The news that Paxton Lynch would remain on the Denver roster was spread with the hokey justification that he’s the best third-string quarterback in football. But that unenviable distinction may not be enough to keep him around much longer.

In a cutdown-day press conference Tyler Ennis Jersey , Broncos G.M. John Elway said just enough to make it clear that the league’s premier No. 3 signal-caller may still get a call to meet with the coach and to bring his playbook.

Elway admitted, for example, that the Broncos previously had interest in more than one veteran quarterback.

“The veteran quarterbacks didn鈥檛 want to come in right now,” Elway said. “We鈥檝e talked to several and had discussions there, but they all want to wait — the one鈥檚 we were interested in.鈥?/p>

Elway didn’t name names, but there weren’t many veteran quarterbacks hanging around beyond Adam Henrique Jersey , say, Derek Anderson or Charlie Whitehurst. And unless the Broncos would have kept an even four quarterbacks, Lynch would have been the odd man out.

The flurry of Saturday roster cuts, which saw more than 30 quarterbacks become available as waiver-claim possibilities (which means they can’t really say “no thanks” if the Broncos secure dibs on their contracts) or outright free agents, means that the Broncos could still upgrade at the position — and downgrade Lynch to the status of former member of the team.

Elway made that clear when asked whether Lynch has job security through Sunday.

鈥淭he [waiver] wire just came out,” Elway said. “So through tomorrow Oscar Dansk Jersey , yes. Like I said, it was the best situation for us at the time.鈥?/p>

The better situation could be adding former Raiders Connor Cook or EJ Manuel or maybe Tom Savage or Bryce Petty or any one of the available quarterbacks who in the assessment of Elway could be better than Lynch. In the end, don’t expect Elway to keep Lynch in order to justify the decision to trade up to draft him in 2016; if Elway were worried about that, Lynch would have been the Week One starter in one of the last two seasons, and he wouldn’t have been leapfrogged on the depth chart by 2017’s Mr. Irrelevant.

And so, even though Lynch remains on the team Authentic Joe Pavelski Jersey , his relevance to the Broncos is tenuous, at best.

Things are rapidly changing in the NHL lately. The Vegas Golden Knights have done what nobody would have thought could have been possible prior to this season. To be an expansion draft team鈥攑icking up the scraps that other teams didn't deem necessary any longer鈥攚ith one of the league's best records, solidly at the top of their conference and now indisputably a Stanley Cup Contender is a remarkable feat that has shaken some of the "rules" with regards to what makes a good team. Most people didn't expect the Golden Knights to even finish with a record above .500, because no expansion team had done that before. Perennial contenders like the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings and have been replaced by new powerhouses like the Nashville Predators and the Winnipeg Jets.

What all of this means is that it's hard to predict where the next batch of top free agents is going to go. Teams are rethinking their long-term strategies, and have to decide whether to part ways with established players who have failed to achieve substantial success in order to go in a new direction. When free agency opens this year, there will be a whole lot of highly sought-after players changing hands Jamie Benn Jersey , and the league may look almost unrecognizable in one or two years' time. Are the Edmonton Oilers just a couple key players away from living up to the expectations set for them, or do they need to blow the whole thing up and start again? Can the Chicago Blackhawks get back on track with the same core, or do they need to head in an entirely new direction? Will the Penguins just keep adding another piece or two every year and continue winning cups until the end of time? Let's take a look at where the top free agents of 2018 and 2019 are going to end up.

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