What options do the Giants have in the return game?

What options do the Giants have in the return game?

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The New York Giants have not gotten a lot out of Hunter Sharp and Kalif Raymond on punt and kickoff returns through two preseason games.Return Game ComparisonPlayerPunt ReturnsAvg.LongTDsKickoff ReturnsAvg.LongPlayerPunt ReturnsAvg.LongTDsKickoff ReturnsAvg.LongThe lack of explosive plays is one thing. Sharp’s issues with ball security against the Detroit Lions Youth Saquon Barkley Jersey , a muffed punt and a fumble, exacerbated the Giants’ dilemma. Who is going to return kickoffs and punts?“Coach Pat Shurmur said this week that the Giants are “a little bit unsettled” at that spot.“We have guys back there working, we’ll just play It out through the preseason and see where it goes,” Shurmur said.The preferenceSharp or Raymond grabs the job — In each of the first two preseason games, Sharp returned kicks in the first half and Raymond in the second. The pair might be in competition for one wide receiver/return man job on the 53-man roster. Playing for the Giants and Denver Broncos last season, Sharp averaged 9.3 yards on eight punt returns and had a 19-yard kickoff return. Before his bout with the dropsies last week, Sharp had probably been looked at as the more reliable of the two when it came to ball security.In 12 games over two seasons with the Broncos, Giants and New York Jets Raymond has averaged 7.2 yards on 29 punt returns and 20.4 yards on 20 kickoff returns. The problem is he has fumbled seven of those returns, or 24.2 percent of them. Both guys have a lot to prove before the Giants trust either of them with the return job.The nuclear optionLet Odell Beckham Jr. and Saquon Barkley do it ... maybe even Sterling Shepard — All three have returned kicks in the past, and have done at least some work returning kicks this summer. Beckham and Shepard, in fact, work with the return teams on a regular basis.Letting the two star players handle returns would, of course, set off a frenzy of “remember what happened to Jason Sehorn” alarm bells from Giants fans. Well, yes, we remember. Shurmur wasn’t the coach then, and bringing up the Sehorn discussion with him would be pointless. I seriously doubt that the Giants want to see any of these three players handling returns on any sort of regular basis. Maybe not at all.Could you really blame Shurmur http://www.authenticsnewyorkgiants.com/cheap-rhett-ellison-jersey , though, if he put Beckham back to return a punt or Barkley a kickoff late in a close game that the Giants needed to win? In my view, I could not. The job of the coach is to win, and putting your best players in positions to make impact plays at important times gives you a better chance to do that. Injury risk or not, I would be OK with the Giants using Beckham and Barkley in critical situations.By the way, I have to add this. During practices this summer I have watched Beckham return a number of kickoffs. Like a lot of other things, it just looks different — faster and more explosive — when he does it in comparison to anyone else.Other possibilitiesCody Latimer — The wide receiver did some kickoff returning with the Denver Broncos, averaging 24.4 yards on 18 returns over four seasons. He returned eight kickoffs in each of the past two seasons. Latimer has seldom worked as a returner this summer, but did field kickoffs during Tuesday’s practice. Perhaps that is a harbinger of things to come.Travis Rudolph — He can return kickoffs and punts, but really seems to lack the big-play explosiveness you would like from a returner. Rudolph averaged 2.7 yards on three punt returns last preseason and 22.0 yards on three kickoff returns.Sterling Shepard — I mentioned him above. He averaged 7.4 yards on 30 punt returns at Oklahoma. Shepard has worked consistently this summer with both the punt and kickoff return groups.Grant Haley — The rookie cornerback averaged 20.6 yards per return on 32 returns as a freshman at Penn State. He has not returned kicks since, and to my recollection has not gotten any reps doing so with the Giants.Donte Deayon — The former coaching staff gave the 5-foot-9, 163-pound Deayon a look as a return man last preseason. He had three punt returns for a total of 1 yard averaged 19.5 yards on a pair of kickoff returns. Deayon returned punts at Boise State, averaging 8.4 yards per return on 30 attempts.Mike Jones — The recently re-signed rookie cornerback averaged 22.2 yards on kickoff returns and 5.6 yards on punt returns for Temple in 2017. In 2016, playing for North Carolina Central in the FCS, Jones averaged an explosive 22.0 yards per punt return with two touchdowns. Jones, to my knowledge, has yet to get any looks with the Giants as a return man. The problem with the idea of keeping Jones as a returner is that we saw him play cornerback on Friday vs. the Detroit Lions in the fourth quarter http://www.authenticsnewyorkgiants.com/cheap-connor-barwin-jersey , when he committed two penalties and gave up catches on all three targets where he did not commit a penalty. To keep him for returns, the Giants would have to cut a more deserving cornerback. The cornerback depth is already iffy.Waivers/free agency — There does not appear to be an established return man available right now. That could change after the final preseason game when teams make cuts to reach the 53-man roster limit. If the Giants remain “unsettled” in the return game once the preseason concludes, perhaps their 2018 return man is currently on someone else’s roster.“Efficient” Odell Beckham still waiting for the magic to come back Odell Beckham Jr. is on pace for a career-best 128 receptions. At his current rate of 90.3 receiving yards per game, he will end up with 1,445 yards — just five shy of his career-high. He continues to re-write NFL history books.Beckham is fourth in the league in receptions, 11th in yards receiving and 10th in yards after catch. He is tied for ninth in first-down receptions (13) and is second in third-down receptions that became first downs (6).On the face of it, Beckham seems to be back to being Beckham as he returns from the fractured ankle he suffered in Week 5 last season.But ....There are other numbers that aren’t so wonderful. At least by his lofty standards.Beckham has yet to score a touchdown. He had at least 10 in each of his three full seasons.Beckham’s average of 11.3 yards per catch is a career low.Beckham is 39th in the league in yards per target at 8.0.Beckham has only one “explosive” play, defined as a catch of at least 25 yards. There are 47 players with two or more.Beckham said he feels he has been “efficient,” and his career-best 70.6 percent catch percentage and the high number of first downs he has generated back up that assertion. The Giants, though, didn’t make Beckham the highest-paid wide receiver in the game to be an efficient possession receiver.They paid for explosive, game-changing plays. Those haven’t come yet.“I’m always waiting to break out. I always feel like I’m one play away, always feel like at any moment in time it could be a shallow, it could be a deep pass, it could be a slant, it could go 80, it could 60 http://www.authenticsnewyorkgiants.com/cheap-ray-ray-armstrong-jersey , it could go wherever,” Beckham told a throng of reporters on Thursday. “Honestly I’ve been watching, and I’ve been feeling and talking to myself and there’s still been times where you’re coming back and I’m used to everything but you’re scared to just hit it like you used to. “I saw one opportunity that I missed and I was upset about it, it was a slant and it cleared out for me and it was perfect, and I kind of slowed down and hesitated for a second, and that could’ve been the difference. Those are the ones that go 60 or 70, so I was a little upset by that, but I think I’m just – I don’t want to say just starting to get the feel back, but I feel like I said this word, ‘efficient.’I feel very efficient and I’m just in a completely different place.”The play Beckham referenced came Sunday against the Houston Texans.“I caught an inside slant and the way that they were playing coverage, they usually had a safety who was kind of over the top, he was kind of robbing it or doing whatever it is, and I went to hit it and I just had a feeling that he was going to be closing in on me and as I kind of hesitated, the DB caught up and that’s a play that I can’t get back, but I will be thinking about for a long time, every time I watch the film,” Beckham said.Beckham said he recalled taking that exact pass from Manning for a touchdown vs. the New York Jets a couple of seasons ago. “It’s right there http://www.authenticsnewyorkgiants.com/cheap-b.j.-goodson-jersey ,” Beckham said. “The fact that I can know and acknowledge it is a big step.”Dan Duggan of The Athletic found the two plays Beckham was apparently referencing. First, Sunday against the Texans:Now, against the Jets:Offensive coordinator Mike Shula was asked Thursday about balancing short throws vs. getting the ball deeper down the field.“We feel fortunate that we have guys that can, whether or not it’s a 5-yard pass that can turn into an explosive or catch a ball 40 yards down the field, or throw a ball 40 down the field, and make an explosive play that way,” Shula said.The best and most important of those is Beckham. With the high-flying New Orleans Saints, second in the NFL in points per game visiting MetLife Stadium on Sunday, this would be a good time for Beckham to re-discover that extra gear that, well, that made him Odell Beckham.“This is Drew Brees and the Saints we’re talking about. I grew up in New Orleans, he gave life to a city when we were – I don’t want to say hopeless, but we were all down. This is a team who is scoring 40 points a game, what they’re doing over there is ridiculous,” Beckham said.A couple of ridiculous plays from Beckham might be just what the doctor ordered for the Giants on Sunday if they are going to outlast the Saints.
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