The above points are intended to serve as a starting

The above points are intended to serve as a starting

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Most of us have been on a plane and heard the flight attendant say numerous times If the cabin should lose pressure, an oxygen mask will fall from the compartment above. Place your mask on first before helping those around you who need assistance. Those words of wisdom can translate into many aspects of daily life and especially in business pursuits.

For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the business application. The question that begs attention is this How do we know when we are ready to Mentor or Coach another? I am a firm believer that everyone has something to contribute based on life experience, regardless of degrees earned, or certificates or achievements. However, when it comes to teaching others, I believe we need first to be taught. Here are five points to consider regarding leading others.

1. First, it is important to know the difference between Mentoring and Coaching. A Mentor can be someone we look to as an example and whom we can emulate in our lives or business. This can occur without even having met the person. It can be accomplished through books, trainings, and live events, Face Mask Material Manufacturers etc. Coaching indicates a more personal relationship. There is interaction between two people, one being the Coach/teacher and the other being the student. When we recognize this difference we become aware that we can unknowingly be Mentoring at any time!

2. Know that best intentions may not be enough. Many have an interest in helping others. While this is a good and noble desire, it alone does not qualify us to teach or guide in every situation. Recognizing this calls for a balanced measure of humility as well as knowledge of our areas of giftedness. Discernment beforehand will benefit everyone!

3. Acknowledge the difference between collaborating and coaching. It is one thing to jump into the trenches with someone and something entirely different to direct someone to jump in! Collaborating implies that we are joined in a project with someone and are equally invested. It involves brainstorming, researching, and implementing plans or ideas together. Coaching implies instruction from one with experience to another with less experience on how to do something.

4. Self-evaluate. Take an honest look at your personal journey. Have you been a student along the way? Have you consistently sought information, advice, and expertise from other knowledgeable sources to assist you in your pursuits? Have you experienced success as a result? Would you want others to copy your journey?

5. If you feel you are qualified and have an interest in supporting others through organized Mentoring or Coaching, have you researched tools or trainings available to equip yourself to do so? Are you committed to the time that it may take to be trained, and then, are you Facial Sheet Mask Suppliers prepared to meet the time and energy commitments coaching others could require?

The above points are intended to serve as a starting place for discerning if you are ready to Coach or to decide who would be suitable to Coach you. In business, including network marketing or MLM, bear in mind that this should not be confused with the necessary basic training that is often given to new business partners. Once you have started your business, training your recruits is essential. This practice is important and should not be left out, even by the newest business builders. It not only helps to create a bond from the onset, it assists both of you in learning the basics of the system for the business you are operating. By taking these early steps, you are beginning the journey of teaching and learning and putting your oxygen mask on first!
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