Adidas Superstar II Violett White Comfort

Adidas Superstar II Violett White Comfort

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This Year of the Snake has given us several Adidas Superstar II Violett White Comfort releases covered in snakeskin. The next two pairs make note of the fact that snake shoes have a long history, with both of them opting for vintage-style pre-yellowed soles. Your choice of black or brown snake uppers is contrasted by white Stripes and black on the laces/heel tab, and both are depicted further after the jump.

Run-DMC will forever be connected with the original white/black colorway on the Adidas Superstar II Rose Blue fashion. The pioneering hip-hop trio sported Shelltoes more than any other shoes during their 1980s heyday, but DJ Jam Master Jay in particular was also fond of a black/white makeup on the Ultrastar. It’s rendered here on the Superstar 2, and in this release, adidas Originals has an iconic design on par with the game’s great staples.

The latest Adidas Superstar II Navy White Stock is a ladies colorway, but it’s the kind of thing that could just as easily represent a hot look for men these days as well. There’s no mistaking the fact that bright pink sneakers break necks, so when you add black zebra stripes, this Red Zest Superstar 2 should come with a warning label for busy intersections.

Camouflage is a streetwear staple that waxes and wanes but never really goes out of style thanks to its unique combination of matchable and rugged sensibilities. But for some reason, desert camo has been underrepresented in the sneaker world. Even as traditional four-color prints are joined by novel designs, still only a couple pair of Vans and Undefeated’s 2010 ‘Desert Storm’ New Balance 1500s come to mind. That makes this new Adidas Superstar II online even more appealing than your average shelltoe, so have a closer look below and stick with Sneaker News to see when these touch down at US retailers.

adidas Originals keeps the pedal of their safari jeep to the metal and brings forth another animal print design for one of its most beloved silhouettes. The Adidas Superstar II wholesale price for women is in a certain way one of the more conservative animal print styles we’ve seen this year, thanks to its traditional coloring on a model that’s no stranger to rocking a black/white getup.
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