Colts fans are cool under pressure Colts fans knew wh

Colts fans are cool under pressure Colts fans knew wh

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FanPulse: Like Frank Reich Indianapolis Colts Hats , at to expect to some degree coming into this 2018 season. The SB Nation Fanpulse survey results certainly support that notion, because the Colts fans have remained the steadiest in terms of confidence in the Colts’ direction of any 1-win team in the league. The biggest gap between Colts fans’ highest and lowest confidence rating is 12%, after taking a hit following a loss to the Bengals in week one and then rebounding with a road win against the Redskins. This tells us that on the whole, Colts fans have bought in to Chris Ballard and Frank Reich’s process and are seeing tangible results in terms of quality of play. We knew going in there would be some bumps, and Chris Ballard has even come out and said that this team is far from where it needs to be in terms of talent Indianapolis Colts Hoodie , but given their solid defensive showings through three games, Colts fans have been holding strong.The opponents the Colts have faced have been viewed as strong ones, and we always knew Andrew Luck and the offense could struggle out of the gate. Should the Colts suffer a loss to the Houston Texans at home, I expect we will see those numbers drop some, but based on what we have seen so far Youth Customized Indianapolis Colts Jerseys , Colts fans aren’t easily shaken.Click here to sign up for Fanpulse and represent Colts fans each week! The Indianapolis Colts are heading into Week 8 winners. They’ve blown out the Buffalo Bills and will now head west to play another team that has hit the skids in a major way. The 1-5 Oakland Raiders are the Colts final opponent before their bye week.Another important day coming, October 30th, is the NFL trade deadline.Today Matt goes into some of the names that have been tossed around as being potential trade pieces and looks at possible fits for the Colts. Most teams who are 2-5 at this point in the season are not buyers at the deadline, but could the Colts find themselves a piece that could help them get atop the AFC South at the midway point in the season?Matt also discusses the possibility of the Colts trading away one of their players. There aren’t many, if any , that the Colts could legitimately unload who would pull any kind of value. However, they do have one that has come up a number of times. The real, and only questions are: Is there a real trade partner who would give the Colts enough to come off of him, and would the Colts bite even if they were blown away by an offer for him?In the second half of the show, Matt takes a look at the Raiders’ Week 6 game against the Seattle Seahawks to look at possible trends of their offense and defense Indianapolis Colts Womens T-Shirt , and how the Colts can combat what they do schematically and with their talent. How does Derek Carr look? Can they protect him? Where are their defensive strengths/weaknesses? Where can Rashaan Melvin be exploited? Is there any sort of running game with Marshawn Lynch on IR? We’ll touch on it all.Because their aren’t a lot of secrets about this team right now, let’s just be honest. The Raiders are a bad team and the Colts have enough in their arsenal -- believe it or not -- to enter the bye with two impressive wins. Enjoy the show!Please subscribe, rate and review the channel anywhere you listen to podcasts.Follow our hosts on Twitter: @MDanelySB | @HolderStephen | @bamock | @NFLschemeStampede Blue Podcast Links:Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Art 19 | SB Colts Cast YT Channel | Google | Spotify
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