Indianapolis Colts by the Numbers: Week 5 D

Indianapolis Colts by the Numbers: Week 5 D

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efensive Stats Every week , I will present a summary of some basic and advanced stats for the Colts performance relative to the league. Thanks to Pro Football Reference, and the nflSCrapR project for being awesome sources of weekly data.Traveling to Foxborough on a short week was a test for the Indianapolis Colts defense.They responded by giving up 3 TDs and a field goal on the first 6 defensive drives. Surrendering a a 79% DSR is not good, not good at all. Look at the TD drives in the first half and notice how the Pats did it; long sustained drives.These were not drives composed of explosive plays from defensive mistakes. These were death by a thousand cut drives. These are the kind of drives that the Colts offense is trying to attain and the kind that our defense is susceptible to. By the numbers, the second half was better. But that was really more about Patriot receiver mistakes than it was Colts defensive effort. TEAM TOTALSThat’s just bad news across the board. On 3rd down the average yards to gain for the Patriots was 4.2. That’s the shortest amount for any team this week, which shows how easy the gains were for the Patriots on 1st and 2nd downs. The only bright spots are the turnovers and giving up only one first down via penalty. That at least kept this game within 3 scores.Yay.PASSINGOn the passing side, Brady had his way with the Colts defense.As usual he wasn’t throwing long passes. His 6.5 aDOT was the 6th shortest for the week and the Colts limited the Patriot yards after catch to the 5th shortest amount (4.9).But Brady methodically completed 77% of those passes and that is the Achilles heel for a defense designed to let short plays happen while waiting for a mistake. If the mistake never comes , you’re in trouble. Fortunately, Brady’s receivers made a couple of mistakes and gave up 2 picks, keeping the Colts in the game. But it wasn’t enough . . . not even close.RUSHINGWell at lest the defense was consistently bad, letting the Pats rush well, too.Over half of their rushes were successes (first down, TD or chunk yardage) , while the Colts had the 5th worst defensive weighted success rate performance for the week.CONCLUSIONSThis was kind of a perfect storm for the defense: injured, short week, travel, hobbled offense, against the Patriots, it rained frogs. I didn’t expect much from the defense and that is what I got. I just want this game out of my life.SEASON TOTALS (per game)2018 Week 1: Bengals vs. Colts 2nd Half Open Thread — Colts lead 16-10 After one half of play , the Colts lead the Bengals 16-10. The defense has been playing very fast and has an entirely different personality from the one a year ago. The offense is hitting on all cylinders early and has been efficiently directed by Frank Reich and Andrew Luck. The pace on offense in the first half had the Bengals defensive line visibly exhausted, which should pay dividends in the second half.Let’s revisit the keys to the game and see how things have been going after two quarters.Colts Tight Ends vs. Bengals Linebackers and SecondaryWe have already seen the impact of utilizing tight ends Eric Ebron, Jack Doyle and Erik Swoope in the first half. All have been able to take advantage of mismatches against linebackers in coverage. Eric Ebron’s touchdown occurred while in man coverage with a linebacker. The tight ends are the only players getting in on the act in the short-middle zones. Running backs have also been targeted on dump-off passes in short-zones and have been taking advantage of Cincinnati’s weakness in this area of the field. Colts Offensive Line vs. Bengals Pass RushOutside of a couple of holding penalties, the offensive line has been doing a nice job. They have been aided by a heavy dose of quick release passes and shorter routes. They have also been aided by keeping the Bengals defense guessing by using a lot of different offensive weapons and keeping players fresh in the backfield. Joe Haeg has been doing a nice job at left tackle.Backfield Answers?How about all of them? Jordan Wilkins got the start and continues to display excellent vision and one step burst to get through the hole when it is there. Nyheim Hines has been a huge surprise after a lackluster preseason and has certainly been used in a lot of different ways. There has been a great deal of motion pre-snap in the backfield to create space and mismatches as well.At this point, it is exciting to imagine how dynamic the backfield could be when Mack and Turbin return.Can Matt Eberflus Manufacture Pressure on Andy Dalton?Pressure has been inconsistent in the first half but it has also helped keep the Bengals out of the end zone and helped force a turnover. Al Woods batted pass early in the game that was picked off by Kenny Moore. Denico Autry batted down a pass that ended a drive in the red zone and forced Cincinnati to take a field goal. We still need to see the edge rush get to work.Opportunism on DefenseKenny Moore picked up an interception off of the Al Woods batted pass. Matthias Farley forced A.J. Green to fumble and Darius Leonard recovered it. This is a big deal as we head into the second half.
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