Scenery of high-speed rail networks in south

Scenery of high-speed rail networks in south

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Zhang Xiaolan holds her patent at her family's home in Xinyang Karl Joseph Limited Jersey , Henan province, September 24, 2017.
Zhang Xiaolan, an 18-year-old girl from a village in Henan Province has invented a system which automatically switches a vehicle's lights between high and low beams, which she's now been able to patent.

Coming from an underdeveloped rural area of Henan David Sharpe Limited Jersey , Zhang Xiaolan's family doesn't even own a car.

"My dad has poor eyesight due to an industrial accident, so it's unsafe for him to walk at night," Zhang Xiaolan explained, "He gets blurred vision when a car's lights are on high beam."

Out of her concern about her father's safety, Zhang decided to improve the way car headlights work Eddie Vanderdoes Limited Jersey , beginning her project during her second year in high school.

"Convex lenses, light screens and photoreceptive circuits are used to judge the brightness of a car's headlights," said Zhang Xiaolan. "Two cars equipped with this device are able to switch automatically from high beam to low beam when they meet head-on."

The automatic auto high-low beam switcher Zhang Xiaolan invented gained a patent from the State Intellectual Property Bureau in August, 2016.

A manufacturer from Guangdong Province has already requested Zhang Xiaolan allow her product to be used in their vehicles.

Zhang Xiaolan is not resting on her one invention. She has enrolled in Jilin University.

"Given there are more opportunities at university, I'd like to make more inventions in the future Obi Melifonwu Limited Jersey ," said Zhang.

by Justice Lee Adoboe

ACCRA, Sept. 27 (Xinhua) -- Ghana's economy began to show signs of recovery with higher petroleum production and better industry performance as the economy recorded a 9-percent growth in the second quarter, compared with 1.1 percent in the same quarter of 2016, according to figures released by the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) on Wednesday.

The value of the estimates based on current price was 45.35 billion Ghana cedis or 10.30 billion U.S. dollars relative to 38.06 billion cedis for the same period last year.

Ghana's total economy at the end of December 2016 was valued at 42 billion dollars as it had started emerging from a crippling energy crisis and a downturn in petroleum production.

The GSS also revised the annual gross domestic product (GDP) estimates for 2016 to 3.7 percent from the 3.5-percent estimates released in April.

"During the second quarter (Q2) 2017 industry recorded the highest growth rate of 19.3 percent, followed by the services sector with 5.6 percent and the agriculture sector with 3.4 percent Gareon Conley Limited Jersey ," Baah Wadieh, Acting Government Statistician, disclosed.

Wadieh explained that the quantum of growth in the economy over the first two quarters of the year were attributable to the work carried out to restore petroleum production on the Jubilee field as well as the coming on stream of the Twineboa-Enyinra-Ntomme (TEN) and the ENI(Sankofa-Gye Nyame) fields, adding that efforts at stabilizing power production and supply in the country were also paying off.

Per capita income in the cocoa, gold and oil exporting country in West Africa is estimated at 1 P.J. Hall Limited Jersey ,500 dollars.

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Scenery of high-speed rail networks in south China's Guangxi

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